Cho Yung Diet Tea

Cho Yung Diet Tea
100% Original and Pure Green Slimming Products! Clean Accumulated Fat and Stop Excessive Intake!
Effectively Shape Your Body In A Short Term! For Both Men and Women, High Quality with Free Shipping!
Cho Yung Diet Tea

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Cho Yung Tea is a weight loss supplement that combines green tea and other traditional Chinese herbs, it is not only a safe and natural way to improve health and lifestyle but also a kind of slim product which help reduce weight by oxidizing fat rather than blocking its absorption. It is a traditional Chinese way of tackling weight loss.

Ingredients: Oolong tea leaf, lotus leaf, hawthorn fruit, alisma rhizome, cassia seed, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum and Poria
Every 100g contains 3-4g total flavones and total saponins 120-180mg.

Specification: 30 tea bags/ pack
Dosage&Usage: One bag per day
Precaution: This product could benefit people with simple obesity. It is not intended for pregnant or lactating women, or anyone under twelve years old. Please use this product as directed. Always seek medical advice for ongoing health concerns.

by Naomi MIJUCA
I'm very happy with the result this pills bring to me. Though it is a little bit faster than I expected, but I did not get any bad result so far, and I do not have any bad feeling.

by Brian Lacroix
The customer service are amazing! I've had the pleasure of dealing with Tina and she's the best (I couldn't help myself Tina, you rock). Professional with a great attitude, that's how I would describe their customer service!

by Maggie Martínez
I have taken this and have noticeable effect. I have a dry throat and a fuller stomach. It works just like what the reviews states.

by JUANA Gonzales
There are a lot of slimming products out there and I have tried three different products...this one works the best and is reasonably priced. I LIKE THIS COMPANY

by Yadira Neville
Ive only been using the product about a month, I've noticed a couple lbs weight loss so far. And I also have been walking 2 miles every other day. Good appetite suppression too!

by Pjotrs Guangco
Without doing any exercise I was starting to burn fat. I also began to notice more energy since burning fat is a more efficient fuel than burning sugar carbs. I have tried weight loss items before but always experienced side effects. I was very pleased with this product

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